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Drake Sells 630k 1st Week Of "Take Care" -- Already Talks Of New DOUBLE Album!!

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Drake’s Take Care is the No. 1 album in the country this week..and he's already on to the next 1...

According to the Nielsen SoundScan report release this morning, Drizzy's sophomore album, "Take Care" sold 630,500 copies in his first week.

Lil Wayne spoke on Drake's sales a few days ago saying,
“As far as expectations, we don’t have those around here....Expectations are a weakness in the music business because if you expect anything, 10 times out of 10 it’s not gonna happen, so we don’t have expectations around here.”
“What we do expect is … to work very hard and we expect people to respect our hard work and our effort,”
Weezy continued.
“Now as far going to buy the album, as far as going to get 750,000 copies, that’s never a problem with us; that’s never important to us.”

Cash Money’s Birdman also remarked on Drake’s projections, saying,
“I think Drake’s gonna be the one to break a lot of barriers with sales. It’s just his second album — I could see him doing a million-plus his first week in the future."

The future is already here because Drake says he's now started on his next album,

“Nov. 15, I just turn the page over. So now it’s a new day,”
he said in an interview.
“I started writing the intro to my next project last night. I found the sample and I started piecing together the story of where I’m at in my life.”

Drake also says there's a possibility of recording a double-album, with one harder rap side and one side focusing on slower R&B elements. He said he’s open to the idea but generally doesn’t think that double-albums end up being successful, citing Notorious B.I.G.‘s ‘Life After Death’ as a rare exception.

We think that would be dope...what do you think??


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