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Don't Want To Hurt Animals For Thanksgiving? Celebrate "ThanksLIVING"...

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What's on your table this Thanksgiving?

Holidays are filled with tradition, especially Thanksgiving. Nothing beats getting together with friends and family, cooking some amazing food, and sitting down to enjoy the big meal ... but what about FEEDING a live turkey instead of eating one?

That's the idea behind the celebration called "ThanksLiving." Jane Velez Mitchell from the HLN Network did some investigating to see if this is the right thing for you. She says,
I have happily been celebrating this alternate version of Thanksgiving for the past few years and I love it! Not only does it support a healthier lifestyle, it's also a great way to spend a special day. Turkeys are intelligent creatures with a lot of character. So when you are planning your big day this year, please give some thought to celebrating a turkey instead of eating one!
Here's what you need to know about "Thanksgiving":
  • Alternate holiday that honors turkeys as guests instead of main course
  • Humans at celebration feed feast to the turkeys
  • Advocates a plant-based diet

Check out the celebration below:

Click here for some great recipes from PETA to go vegan this holiday season

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