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Conrad Murray Goes OFF On Attorney's In NBC Documentary: "My Damn Attorney Is Not Prepared!"

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Conrad Murray was so mad he even told his own mom to shut up!

As previously reported, Conrad Murray the man found guilty of killing Michael Jackson, has been filming for his own documentary......well, it's called "Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" and it aired last night on MSNBC.

Murray goes OFF on his attorney's for not being prepared and "fumbling" around.

"I take offense when my damn attorney is not prepared for that man."

"Flanagan gotta wake up. He needs a lot of coffee and some pit bull, or Red Bull after lunch"
Looks like his Mom tried to calm him down, because Murray then turns to her and says,
"STOP, I'm talking Mommy please don't interrupt me"

Murray's sentencing is November 29th and remains in jail until then with no bail.


Dr. Conrad Murray Found GUILTY In Murder Of Michael Jackson!

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