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"Talk Of The Week" October 23-29, 2011

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A bunch has happened this week but nothing was more improbable then this!

It was so improbable, so unthinkable, that it had to happen. Despite massive deficits in August and September, despite playing four elimination games in the postseason, despite twice being down to their last strike the night before, the St. Louis Cardinals are the World Series champions for 2011 after winning Game 7, 6-2, over the Texas Rangers on Friday.

The Cardinals won their 11th World Series Championship, which is second to only the New York Yankees, who have won 27.

Team Last win Titles
Yankees 2009 27
Cardinals 2011 11
Athletics 1989 9
Red Sox 2007 7
Giants 2010 6
Dodgers 1988 6
Pirates 1979 5
Reds 1990 5

"We're World Series champions, and nobody can take that away from us,"
Lance Berkman first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals said.

"What makes that even sweeter was the manner in which we won it. Hollywood would have a hard time scripting something [like this]. You hear that sometimes, but it's true with this team. The reality of it is way better than anything you could make up about the team."

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