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#MJTRIAL: Anesthesiologist & Propofol Expert Explains How Dr. Murray Could've Easily Saved MJ (VIDEO)

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It's as easy as lifting a chin or moving his tounge back in WHY didn't Dr. Conrad Murray have the proper equipment?!

Leading Anesthesiologist & Propofol Expert Dr. Steven Shafer really nailed it for the Prosecution in MJ's case yesterday October 19, 2011. He explained in detail what instruments you need to administer Propofol....and Dr. Murray did not have ANY of them!

Michael Jackson's doctor should have said no, says the expert. Medical expert Dr Steven Shafer tells jurors Conrad Murray failed in his duty as a physician.

Dr. Murray made repeated and flagrant violations (about flagrant 17 violations) of the standard of care involving a powerful anaesthetic that led to the death of the singer.

Dr. Shafer says that he see's patients not breathing EVERY DAY using Anesthesia BUT only with these NUMEROUS instruments and/or more people around to assist. He says it's as easy as a lifting a patients tongue and/ or chin to give them back their breath and that having these machines "could have saved MJ's life."

Also another MAJOR MAJOR issue is that Dr. Conrad Murray did not keep one medical record of treating Michael Jackon, which Dr. Shafer says is illegal under California law... saying that the every patient has a right to know how they are being treated and when they die , the family has the right to know.

So...Dr. Murray didn't record medical records but had time to record MJ's voice under the influence of drugs though? smh


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