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Ludacris Responds To Writing Raps For Justin Bieber

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Justin recently wanted to participate in the B.E.T Awards cypher and was allegedly rejected for not writing his own rhymes?!

The B.E.T. awards cyphers, which this year were presented by DJ Premier and featured rappers Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris and B.o.B., as well as a rhyming Chris Brown....was supposed to feature Justin Bieber but somehow her didn't make the cut.

Earlier this week, Dj Premier revealed there was one eager participant he was forced to reject when putting together the rap posse - because the beibs wasn't expected to pen his own lyrics.

The producer said,
"Justin Bieber even asked if he could do the cypher... But, then we heard, 'He wants Luda to write his rhyme.' I was like, 'Oh, no, no, no, no, no.' If you ain't (sic) writing your own rhyme, you can't do it."

However, Ludacris has now reached out to Premier to clear up the rumors, insisting he was never approached to help Bieber with his punchlines.

In a post, the rapper writes,
"My Lil homie @justinbieber loves hip hop & at no point was I supposed to write his cypher flow. #getyafactsright"

And Premier quickly retracted his original statements and responded to Luda via Twitter saying,

"Spoke 2 (sic) @Ludacris & he witnessed Justin Beiber (sic) write his rhymes & that he can flow... He said he wasn't s'posed (supposed) to write 4 tha (for the) Cypher... So shout to @Ludacris for givin' me the correct info."
Do you think Justin writes his own rhymes?

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