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Khia Goes OFF On Beyonce For Stealing Her Music Video?! You Be The Judge....

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Female rapper Khia says Beyonce stole her music video! HUHH?? (That's what we said)

Beyonce just premiered her music video for "Party" featuring J. Cole .......but somehow rapper Khia ended up getting involved.

She caused a bunch of commotion on her Twitter page saying that Beyonce stole her look from her "My Neck My Back" video.

It all started when a fan suggested to Khia on Twitter that Bey stole her video.....

Did See beyonce new video kinda look like neck & back @QueenKhia by da pool hair wrapped up dey say history repeats itself

That triggered Khia to go off on a full blown Twitter rant...saying things like,

@beyonce thanks you for the love the tweets & roses! To bad I don't bulldag with prego women. Call super head jay knows all about her

@beyonce has been smoking rocks if she thinks her J. Cole remix flop "Party" will be as big as My Neck My Back.”

I know you watched my VLOG and ran with my advice
She even claims Jay-Z has threatened her to stop with the rants...

Goodmorning xox, death threats from @jayz What is he going to do stab me, because I like solange better then @beyonce!

Hmm.....think Khia's telling the truth, or just a way back in the spotlight?!

Take a look at both videos below.... you be the judge!

Talking about a "Party"..... just a few days before all the Beyonce talk, Khia partied with in Orlando at Limelite Thursdays.

Check her out with Lady T & Dj the pic for more.


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