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The World's Most Dangerous Celebrity...

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Browse for these celebs and possibly get a virus!

Every year McAfee online security company gives us a list of the celebrities you will most likely get a virus from on the internet.

According to McAfee Inc., fans searching for downloads of supermodel Heidi Klum have a one-in-10 chance of landing on a site that can damage their PC or laptop.

Meanwhile, British talk show host Piers Morgan was found to be the most dangerous male celebrity to Google.

A spokesman for McAfee explains,
"While slightly safer than last year, searching for top celebrities continues to generate risky results. Consumers should be particularly aware of malicious content hiding in 'tiny' places likes shortened URLs that can spread virally in social networking sites, or through emails and text messages."

McAfee's full list:

1. Heidi Klum.

2. Cameron Diaz.

3. Piers Morgan.

4. Jessica Biel.

5. Katherine Heigl.

6. Mila Kunis.

7. Anna Paquin.

8. Adriana Lima.

9. Scarlett Johansson.

10 (tie). Emma Stone, Brad Pitt and Rachel McAdams.


Jessica Biel And Beyonce Named The Most Dangerous Celebs On The Web (2009)

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