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"TALK OF THE WEEK" 8/28-9/3: Beyonce's Big Announcement!

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Beyonce shocked the world this week with her big announcement! But what did you think was the "Talk of the Week"? ....

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Beyonce Reveals Pregnancy At The MTV VMAs! (VIDEO)

According to your calls into Lady T's radio show and tweets...

It was definitely Jay-Z and Beyonce's surprise announcement!

...Just when we were all waiting to see if Jay was going to respond to Wayne's diss record talking bout kidnapping Beyonce...His wife Bey, un-buttoned her jacket on stage, dropped her mic and rubbed her belly at the vmas and there she was ....a belly full of a Lil' Jay-Z or Bey.

Talk about taking the attention off of Wayne lol....

Also after all of this...there were rumors that Rihanna dropped Jay-Z as her manager! Find out if this is so true or so false.....

Listen to the "Talk Of The Week" with Lady T below:

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