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Ochocinco Attacked For Tom Brady Tweets (TWEET OF THE WEEK)

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When Twitter goes wrong!

New England Patriot, Tom Brady broke NFL records this week with his 517 yard throw and new team member, Chad Ochocinco, attempted to show "love" for Brady via Twitter saying,

"Just waking up after a late arrival,I've never seen a machine operate like that n person,to see video game numbers put up n person was WOW"
Instead of some people cheering with Chad, they attacked him!

If you know football, you know that a lot of Tweeting and talking is not the Patriot way. Former Patriot and current NFL Analyst, Tedy Bruschi thought it was a bit extra.....

Bruschi said on the radio,

"Drop the awe factor, OK, Ocho, Chad, drop the awe factor . . . You're not a fan, all right? You're not someone who's on another team or watching TV. You're not an analyst. You're a part of it. They want you to be a part of it. So get with the program because obviously you're not getting it"

"Stop tweeting and get in your playbook Wake up!"

We get what Bruschi's trying to say here.....but since when do NFL FOOTBALL analysts, analyze Twitter?

Tom Brady actually responded to Ocho's tweet saying,

"Chad, for the day that he go here, he's worked really hard to be a part of this offense and be involved."

Ocho still has a lot to prove as a new Patriot but do you think he should stop tweeting and shut up...or if he can Tweet and play let him do it?

UPDATE (9/17/11):

Think he was treated fairly?

Listen to the scoop w/ Lady T below:

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