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Evelyn Lozada QUITS Basketball Wives Over Scandal!

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Evelyn says no money in the world will bring her back to VH1...

Here's the scoop... VH1 posted a blog implying that Evelyn may have cheated on Chad Ochocinco with his former teammate Terrell Owens. After that Ev said she will no longer be on her VH1 show Basketball Wives.

She even wrote on her Twitter,

Just wanted to say that I won't be on Twitter for a while. Going 2 possibly delete my account & I won't be signing on 2 do anymore shows.

And a few says before posted,


Sources say Evelyn is furious -- claiming the rumor is simply UNTRUE -- and she feels betrayed by the network. VH1 has since pulled the blog -- but Evelyn has already decided enough is enough ... and she's told producers she won't be returning.

Sources tell us Evelyn is now looking for other opportunities -- and will focus on planning her upcoming wedding to Ochocinco.

VH1 has since taken down the blog.

Do you think VH1 was out of line for calling Evelyn out like that?


Ochocinco & Evelyn Get Big Bucks For New Reality Show Spin-Off

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  1. if the bitch cheated - then no, they were not wrong. People who like to do their dirt in the dark should realize that it all comes to light eventually.