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Working More Than Ever: J-Lo & Marc Anthony Fashion Collection To Debut At Khols...

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Did these two really break up? Or are they dooping us all?!

Seems like since their break-up Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are working more than ever. Between Marc's new music, J-Lo's new Disney Movie the two's new Reality Show together and now they are deputing a fashion collection together?

Their fashion collection debuts at Khol's on September 7. It's called the Jennifer Lopez Collection and the Marc Anthony Collection, the lines will include sportswear, accessories and sleepwear for men and women.

In addition to her fashion line, there is also the Jennifer Lopez Home Collection, which consists of bedding, towels and luggage. Bedding items, which are 600 thread count sheets made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton, will range from $149 to $199.

Did J-Lo and Marc Anthony announce a divorce to help promote their new projects? Or did the working on all these new projects lead to their divorce?

As we try and keep up with all their new madness...The newest rumor surrounding the break-up of the seven-year marriage between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony is that J.Lo wanted to enroll her children in a Scientology school and Anthony was not on board with that.


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