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Watch #BadGirlsClub New Orleans, Epidode 1 Here (VIDEO)

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The Bad Girls came back to television tonight with a brand new season, 7, in New Orleans. Find out what happens!

The girls....Tasha, Nastasia, Angelic, Priscilla, Tiara, Judi and Shelly all met each other for the first time tonight........

Judi is a character! Between her Voo Doo doll dropping
"I may be ugly but I know Shawty Lo, I know Gucci Mane...I been in videos"
"I hang out with Waka Flocka"
and putting the other girls jacket's in her v-jay-jay.....she is a mess lol!

Watch the best of episode 1 below:

Check out this bonus footage:


The Bad Girls Are BACK & Their Ready To Fight! Meet The Girls

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