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Top 5 Favorite Rappers Of All Time -- Who Are Yours?!

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There's so many of our favorites..... but who are in YOUR top 5, dead or alive?

Over the years you may have had to edit your Top 5 rapper list...but some of us are still stern on who our absolute favs are!

Who are yours? Tell us below...

TOTT Twitter Watch:

: Over here having a convo about who our TOP 5 fav rappers are... I say Biggie, Pac, Jay-Z, @Nas and @TheRealKiss

@ : Big, Pac, JayZ, Kanye, &Common #MyOpinion

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  1. big, jay, snoop, em and nas!

  2. #1 WEEZY #2 JAY #3 EMINEM #4 T.I. #5 ANDRE 3000!!

  3. Heard you on the radio and my favorites are wayne, nicki, drake, wiz khalifa and t.i

  4. Jay first for me then weezy, 50, jeezy and jada