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Police Send 1st Celeb To Jail Over Twitter & It Has To Do w/ Diddy!

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WATCH WHAT YOU TWEET. Just days after Police start a unit to monitor social networking sites.....the first celeb was sent to jail over his tweet.

Maybe he's trying to stir up some controversy for himself but Diddy's new artist, Machine Gun Kelly's Tweet got him in some trouble with the law over the weekend.

Kelly was arrested last Friday for instigating a flash mob in a local mall in Cleveland, Ohio through Twitter.

Kelly, a Cleveland local, sent out a Twitter post that read,
“No one move til you hear (song) Cleveland start, once it starts run to whatever table I’m at and Lets bust a mid-mall crowd surf and RAGE HARD!!! I’ll bring the camera, and don’t move/talk till the song plays at 5pm in foodcourt on Friday night.”

Kelly was taken to jail during the event, which was caught on camera. Reports say the rapper and his crew were not booked into jail, but were instead issued citations.

Diddy seems proud of his new signing and his efforts to gain attention. The video is posted on Diddy’s website.

People in other countries have been getting arrested for starting water fight gatherings from Twitter.

At this rate, how many more people are going to be getting arrested and citations for Tweeting? #JustSaying



Police Form Unit To Monitor Social Networking Sites --- Man Already Arrested For Water Gun Fight? Say What?!

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