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Jay-Z & Kanye West "Watch The Throne" Is Finally Here! Take a Listen...

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"Watch the Throne" is finally here!

(Round of applause) And they actually managed to keep it from leaking!

Jay-Z, a victim of bootlegged and leaked LPs himself, explained

“We made this album, it took eight months. We should be able to release it the way we like without everyone being all up in arms,”
said Jay-Z. Hov then further added about the unconventional release tactics,
“The real reason behind it is was we didn’t want the music to leak. We wanted to present to the people in it's entirety. When you send it out, once it leaves the plant and that’s the end of it.”
Hov quipped that email hackers play a huge role in Internet leaks, with the staggering of dates and the stars keeping the product close at hand and staving off the potential for a premature release.
“We took great care to deliver this to the people without it leaking at all,”
Jay-Z and Kanye actually gave the engineers of the album (who also made it leak proof) a Rolex each with “W.T.T. From, Kanye & Jay,” engraved on the inside. Now that's dope.

"Watch the Throne" is available for download on Itunes now and hard copies hit the shelves August 12.

Take a listen to the album below, and let us know what you think!

(PS: those scary/ disturbing photos above are part of the "Watch The Throne" digital booklet)

Watch The Throne

Watch the Throne (Deluxe Edition)

Download it on Itunes - (click here)

Or get a free copy w/ every "Watch The Throne" tour ticket you buy here:

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