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Casey Anthony Surfaces --- 1st Photos After Prison! UPDATED WITH VIDEO

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Casey Anthony was hanging out in Ohio this past weekend...she tried to disguise herself, but you can tell it's her!

In these 1st photos since her release, the recently acquitted for murder, Casey Anthony was spotted spending some of that money her lawyers have been making since she was found not guilty of her 2 year old daughter's murder.

She was trying to disguise herself in an Ohio State University baseball cap and glasses but was found doing a little shopping at the clothing store "Old Navy"....

(Photos courtesy of TMZ)


Video of Casey shopping in Ohio...

After you watch the video, you are kind of left thinking....what this set up? Looks like the whole thing may have been staged to get money in Casey's pockets.

Casey Anthony has several relatives who live in Ohio but it's unclear if she has spent time with any of them. It's also been reported that friends say Casey has been bouncing around the country ever since she was found not guilty.

While Casey's lawyer's try to broker her a Million dollar media deal, she was recently ordered by a judge to return to Orange County to serve probation for a check fraud charge.

Casey's defense team says that Casey's time in jail should serve as the probation, but the judge (who is from her check fraud trial that she plead guilty to last year) says he intended the probation to be served AFTER her release.

So goodbye Ohio....back to Orlando?!


Casey's lawyers were able to get the 1st judge out of the way and bring back the murder trial judge, Belvin Perry. So this means Casey may not have to do the probation if Perry does'nt think she has to.


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