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Beyonce Reveals Pregnancy At The MTV VMAs! (VIDEO)

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Beyonce surprised us all..... with revealing her baby bump at the VMAs!!

Yes, Beyonce is really pregnant! At least that's how she made it seem tonight at the MTV VMAs.

How did she reveal the news? She unbuttoned her jacket...dropped the mic at the end of her VMA's performance and rubbed her belly. The crowd went crazy....Jay was all smiles as Kanye West congratulated him.

No word on when it's due or the sex yet! But definitely exciting for Beyonce & Jay-Z fans and their family.

Jay did mention it on his "Watch The Throne" album on the song "Made In America,"

Built a republic, that still stands
I'm trying to lead a nation, to leave to my little man's
Or my daughter

Jay already has a son
....SO maybe we will have a Little Beyonce running around...

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