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"Talk Of The Week" 7/3-9: Casey Anthony Gets Away w/ Murder & Biggie's Murderer Found...

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Wow! what a week! history was made in many ways...and left most of us scratching our heads !

After 3 years and over a month of trial for Casey Anthony it all came to and end Tuesday afternoon
when the verdict was read....NOT Guilty for murdering her daughter!

No Justice For Baby Caylee --- Mom, Casey Anthony Found NOT Guilty!!!

A juror even spoke and says she doesn't think she innocent??

Casey Anthony Juror #3 Speaks!! "I did not say she was innocent" UPDATED w/ VIDEO!

So how is she getting out of jail in a few days???

The saddest thing that people tell me they are upset about the Casey Anthony
verdict is that she is now famous and will make money off of her daughters death!!!

Casey Anthony To Do Porn w/ Vivid Entertainment??? UPDATED!

If that wasn't enough for the week the murderer of Biggie may have been found!!

Murderer Of Notorious B.I.G Found?

and the very last U.S. space shuttle launched yesterday!

Last U.S. Space Shuttle Takes Off -- Russia To Monopolize Space!

Find out what the town is talking about...listen to the "Talk Of The Week" w/ Lady T below:


Casey Anthony's Former Fiance` Speaks Out -- Goes Off At Jose Baez & Casey! (VIDEO)

Casey Anthony Juror Says He Will Speak But Only For The BIG Bucks!

Jose Baez & Casey Anthony Defense Team Celebrate At Bar Outside Courthouse So Everyone Can See! Deserved or Tasteless?

No Justice For Baby Caylee --- Mom, Casey Anthony Found NOT Guilty!!!

Days Away From Verdict In Casey Anthony Trial --- Mom Lies On Stand!

BOMBSHELL: Casey Anthony Blames Dad For Daughter's Murder! Watch The Full Trial Opening Statements

Get To Know The Jurors In The Casey Anthony Trial

RAW VIDEO: Casey Anthony Trial: Spectator Flipping Off Attorney

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