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"Talk Of The Week" 7/10-16: J-Lo's Single Again!

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All my fellas, there's a new girl on the market and she's definitively the "Talk Of The Week"...

Did you hear? After 7 years of marriage, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony called it quits! This would be J-Lo's third divorce...almost forth if her and Ben Afflect would have actually tied the knot. No work on what exactly happened...the couple just released a statement....

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Call It Quits!

What we do know is that Nicki Minaj got into some sort of altercation this week at a hotel in dallas.

Nicki Minaj Denies Being Attacked By Her Male "Friend" But Police Reports Prove Different! Look...

and speaking confusing police reports.....Casey Anthony's getting out tomorrow!

Find out what the town is talking about listen to the "Talk Of The Week" w/ Lady T below:

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