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New Twitter App Lets You Speak Your Tweets! --- No More TYPING!

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How lazy are you? Lazy enough to TALK instead of type your tweets???

We came across an interesting article this morning. A Japanese company called TechFirm [JP] has just released a special Twitter client for the iPad in the App Store. “Breath Bird” lets users tweet with their breath.

It's actually geared towards disabled people who can not type themselves. Interesting, right? People who can’t use their fingers can still engage in the Twitter universe by simply breathing into the iPad’s mic!

The apps "Breath Control Function" detects the strength of the breath, and convert it to keyboard inputs.

If the user wants to “type” a particular character, he/she can breathe into the mic of the highlighted row and make the app highlight all of the characters in that row, one after another- from left to right. Once the desired character is highlighted, the user simply breathes again and it appears in the tweet bubble. Users just have to repeat to create words that can then be posted to their Twitter in the same fashion.

Sounds like this is for you?


Going this route, soon you should be able to just think your tweets and they will post themselves....

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