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SAVE LIVES: Justin Bieber Launches "No Texting While Driving" App (VIDEO)

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Like any teenager today, you can find Justin Bieber texting, but one place he won't answer his texts (even Selena Gomez's) is in his car!

Today, Justin announced the launch of a campaign dedicated to encouraging responsible texting, through PhoneGuard's acclaimed Drive Safe™ software application, which disables the texting, emailing and keyboard functions of your phone while a vehicle is moving faster than 10 miles per hour.

Justin's don't text and drive crusade will also work closely with the Remember Alex Brown Foundation, organized by the family of teenager Alex Brown who tragically lost her life because of texting and driving.

"As a 17-year-old driver, I am aware of the countless distractions that we teenagers face on the road, and texting is one that is preventable,"
reveals Justin.
"There are too many young people, like Alex Brown, whom we've lost because of texting while driving, and it is my hope that, through this partnership with PhoneGuard, we will raise awareness of this issue and create safer conditions for everyone on the road."

Texting and driving has cost over 16,000 lives in the past three years alone! Please reconsider picking up that phone while might have just saved a life.



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  1. This subject is actually being tested heavily on the drivers permit test. Thank god. Its just common sense.