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Details On Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphrie's $2M Wedding! (+PHOTOS)

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From the dress, to the food, to the guest list.......and who will be Kim's Maid/ Matron of Honor? Check out this run down of Kim's special day!

Kris Humphries slid a $2 million engagement ring on Kim Kardashian's finger in May, and the reality star's been hard at work planning their big day since. There aren't many confirmed
details about their wedding, which will cost a reported $20 million, but there is a lot of buzz and speculation about the details.

The Date: No one's spilling the beans about the wedding date just yet. But, we do know that their special day is already set. Kathy Lee Gifford revealed that she's been "told a particular date," but she's sworn to secrecy. Rumor has it the wedding could go down as early as August!

Initially, word spread that Kim and Kris would say "I do" on October 31 (Halloween), since that was the date listed on their lavish wedding registry. But, sources say that's not the case -- the date was just a big joke to throw everyone off. It worked.

The TV Special: It comes as no big surprise that the reality star would turn the happiest day of her life into a 2-hour TV special. The rest of her life's on the tube, so why not? A source said Kim isn't in it for the loads of cash she'll make, instead "Kim really wants her fans to celebrate with her on the most important day of her life." Aw! Khloe's 2009 TV wedding drew in 3 million viewers, and we're betting Kim's will bring in even more.

The Dress: Kim K's the kind of gal who wears her Louboutins and a Birkin Bag to the grocery store, so we know her wedding gown will be one for the ages. Of course, when Kim browsed through gowns at the Vera Wang store in NYC a couple of weeks ago, Vera was the one who assisted her -- and then the chummy gals did lunch. Kim knows all the right people and clearly has every connection she'd ever hope for, so we're sure she'll get her dream gown. (And showcase her killer curves.)

Khloe Kardashian had this to say about Vera Wang potentially designing her sister's gown:
"She did mine, so I hope she does. Just because I love her, and I feel like when you think of weddings, you think of Vera Wang. I think it would be a perfect fit."

The Wedding Party: Khloe confirmed that she and sister Kourtney will serve as joint Maids of Honor, though that title's technically incorrect.
"Someone told me I'm married so I'm a Matron of Honor but I hate Matron,
she said.
"That's so old and not sexy."

On the groom's side, we already have strong clues that Kim's bro Rob, Kourtney's baby daddy Scott Disick, and Khloe's hubby Lamar Odom will be in the wedding. The dudes were spotted at a tux shop the same day Kim was out registering for expensive presents.

Stepdad Bruce Jenner will reportedly walk Kim down the aisle, in honor of her late father, Robert Kardashian. Mom Kris will probably be in the front row, sobbing.

The Decor and Food: Kim's allegedly already picked her wedding colors: silver, cream, white, and black. Classy, flashy, and fancy -- of course! Insiders predict she'll go with stunning white roses from South Africa to decorate the venue, and white doves will be released at the ceremony -- just like Khloe had.

The wedding menu: will reportedly incorporate Armenian dishes. We're guessing some celebrity chef will have their hands full with this one.

The Price Tag: Get this, the wedding will supposedly run a whopping $20 million! That's an unbelievable figure, but only a third of what Will and Kate's royal wedding cost earlier this year. Kim is reality TV royalty, so that counts for something, right? Even Khloe agrees. She said:
"And I joke and I say it will be like the Royal Wedding because she is just like that."

Registry: What do guests buy for the couple who has everything? Well, they're asking for items such as a Baccarat Cosmos extra large vase for the low, low price of $7,500, a $375 candy jar, crystal bar bowls for $140 each, Havana ashtrays for $840 each, a $635 ice bucket, and more. They registered at high-end store Gearys in Beverly Hills in June.

The Venue: Rumor has is it Kim will again take a page out of sister Khloe's wedding book and get hitched at a beautiful private estate in Los Angeles. It's tough to have a destination wedding when you expect celebrities to show up, and we're guessing Kim vetoed getting married in Kris' hometown in Minnesota -- even though she says she loves it there.

The Wedding Bands: Kim and Kris are apparently pouring over the bible in order to find passages to engrave on their wedding bands. Sources say they'll pick out verses for each other and they want something "with meaning." Kim already has two bible passages etched into her 16.5-carat engagement ring.

The Guest List: The Kardashian family alone will take up a chunk of the guest list -- then there are all the extended family, pals, and celebrities! Famous friends who have supposedly merited an invite include: Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Nicole Richie, Snooki (!), Kelly Osbourne, and more. We hear Kim's planning on having upwards of 1,000 people at her big day.

The Transportation: You better believe Kim's showing up to her big day in style. Reports say there will be an entire fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms and Maybachs to shuttle her and VIP guests around. She apparently struck a deal with Platinum Motorsports in LA, and they'll provide enough sweet rides for all of Kim and Kris' families. The cars will all be white, and they'll each come with a chauffeur. Duh.

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