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Casey Anthony Defense Team Got The Idea To Blame George Anthony For Murder --- From TWITTER!

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Remember when Casey Anthony's lawyer , Jose Baez, made that bombshell statement that Casey's dad murdered her daughter & molested her?! It's all from TWITTER!!

We were all left stratching out heads after Casey's opening statements claimed her dad killed her child and molested her...but it never was brought up again throughout the trial. Now, Casey's defense team has admitted that they got the idea from searching social network accounts!

A consultant for Casey Anthony's attorneys analyzed more than 40,000 highly charged opinions — negative and positive — on social-media sites and blogs, and used them to help the defense craft its trial strategy.

"When bloggers and others in social-media sites started to attack George Anthony about his alleged mistress, the defense team beefed up their questions against him,"
said Fort Lauderdale-based consultant Amy Singer.
"None of the bloggers ever changed their minds about him."

Every day of the trial, Singer and her revolving team of at least five people scanned thousands of tweets, Facebook posts and messages from bloggers.

They gauged opinions about defense and state attorneys, witness testimonies, evidence and especially the focus of the trial: Casey Anthony.

Those opinions were presented to Casey Anthony's defense attorney, Jose Baez, who initially had his doubts about the social-media tactic. Ultimately, Singer said, Baez would decide how and what he was willing to adjust in his trial strategy.

When public opinion on Twitter or Facebook changed dramatically, Singer said she made it clear to the defense that it needed to tweak its strategy.

"A perfect example was Cindy Anthony,"
Singer recalled.
"People hated her when she admitted to the chloroform searches, but there were many who said she lied out of motherly instinct. They felt a kinship, especially mothers. In closing, the defense softened its approach and said she lied to protect (Casey Anthony)."
Singer, a trial consultant and litigation psychologist with experience in high-profile cases such as the O.J. Simpson trial, William Kennedy Smith rape case and the Jack Kevorkian euthanasia case, said she learned plenty from the countless hours spent reading and analyzing social-media traffic.

"I've spent 32 years listening to people's reactions to trial stimulus, but it's never been anything like this,"
Singer said.
"This whole case was driven by social media. We really tapped into people's minds, and I think it's a tool that should be used by defense and prosecution."
Will this social media strategy be used in future cases? Florida A&M University professor Shiv Persaud says,

"This is the first time I have heard of this kind of consulting for a trial, and it's incredible...It definitely might become a part of my curriculum in trial practice. We could benefit from a new type of tool we didn't have before."


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  1. george anthony why you kill your grandaughter like that. it was you george don't lie to us. you should be in jail