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Amy Winehouse Dead At 27 --- Joins Other Celebs In The "27 Club," CREEPY!

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Another musician lost...

At 3:54 pm BST (14:54 UTC) on 23 July 2011, two ambulances were called to Winehouse's home in Camden, London. Shortly afterwards, the Metropolitan Police confirmed her death.

As of the 24th of July, the investigation to determine the cause of death, which is described by police as unexplained, is still open. After her death was announced, media and camera crews appeared as crowds gathered near Winehouse’s residence to pay their respects. Forensic investigators entered the flat as police cordoned off the street outside.

Her record label, Universal, released a statement that read in part: "We are deeply saddened at the sudden loss of such a gifted musician, artist and performer."
Considering one of her most popular songs is "Rehab," Amy has been known for her bad drug habits for years now. But we will not not for sure what happened to her until the autopsy.

A post-mortem examination is scheduled for Sunday, July 24, 2011.

Coincidentally enough, Amy Winehouse now joins Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix in Rock 'n' Roll's "27 Club".....artists who have all died at the age of 27. CREEPY!


It was a hectic day for many of our fav celebs as they were very emotional over the death of Amy Winehouse and just as you, tweeted their emotions to the world.

Listen to the "Tweet Of The Week" w/ Lady T to find out what they said!

UPDATE: The autopsy is now complete. According to police, no cause of death was established ... toxicology test results are still pending and will take 2 to 4 weeks.

Amy will be cremated at Golders Green crematorium.

Uh, No cause of death? And they are already cremating?

May she rest in peace.

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