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"TALK OF THE WEEK" 6/12-18: Dallas Mavs' Payback To Lebron James

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The week kicked off with the Dallas Mavs winning the NBA Championship against the Miami Heat 105-95...but what happened after the game is what has everyone talking!

After the Dallas Mavs won, the owner Marc Cuban, Dirk Nowitzki and the whole Mavericks team decided to celebrate by parading their championship trophy around
Club Liv in Miami... where the Heat party!

Also this week.... a man is claiming that he shot Tupac back in 1994 at Quad Studios...

and music executive Jimmy Henchman paid him 2,500 to do it...

Could this lead us to finally finding out who killed Tupac?

Find out what the town is talking about, listen to the "Talk Of The Week" w/ Lady T below:


Man Claims He Shot Tupac -- "Henchman Paid Me To Do It!"

Mavs Win NBA Championship & Parade Around Miami With The TROPHY! (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Lebron James Responds To Losing NBA Championship & the "Lebron" Jokes! (VIDEO)

Dallas Mavericks To Lebron, "HEY LEBRON! HOW'S MY DIRK TASTE." (Photo)

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