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Stop The Wedding! Kim Kardashian Caught Cheating? ---- Kim Responds!

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Just days after Kim's engagement announcement....she's ALREADY being blasting for cheating!

Kim Kardashian's lawyer has already written a letter demanding that this "factually untrue" story not be printed. But here it is!

While Kim and Brett Lockett — who plays for the Patriots — have never actually met, she ALLEGEDLY asked her friend (acress, Lauren London) to be introduced to him. And then Kim and Brett started exchanging" sexy texts" — and having phone sex — while she was dating Kris Humphries. A sample, according to a "friend" who "saw" the texts and is probably Bret Lockett:

Kim: Mr
Bret: Yes Miss
Kim: How are you doll?
Bret: I'm good and you?
Kim: Why don't you put in an effort and try and make me your girlfriend doll?
Bret: But don't ask for something your[sic] not ready for
Kim: I'm sure I'm ready
Bret: What's your schedule looking like the next few weeks? I want to see you
Kim: I'm free Mon after 11, then I'm kinda busy after. You should send me a SEXY picture
Bret: What are you doing the 19th to the 22nd?

This is obviously the SEXIEST thing you have ever read, so we will take a break for a minute and let you recover. TOO MUCH SEXY.

Bret: What does Miss Kimmy want?
Kim: The picture
Bret: LOL. Your used to getting what you want, huh?
Kim: Yes so. I want it.

And um, that's about it. Other than that, NFL player Brett Lockett also says him and Kim had "graphic phone sex" --- he says,
"I knew this was a game to her, but this is what she does."

Kim responded saying,

I knew when I got engaged that rumors and false stories were going to start, but this is RIDICULOUS!!!!

and went on to write a letter explaining why the article was false and what she plans to do about it,

In Touch Magazine is claiming that I had a five-month secret relationship with this guy… a guy I’ve never met, spoken to, texted, called or even heard of!

This guy should be ashamed of himself. Calling up a magazine and making up an entirely fake story just to get attention!?!?! It’s just shameful and this guy should feel ashamed and humiliated. My friend Lauren London has never even met this guy, so to say she was the one who set us up is totally untrue. I find it so sad that a magazine will take the word of a stranger and try to pass their story off as true. And what’s even more odd is that this guy would carry on a “relationship,” yet never speak on the phone or see me in person! Makes no sense!

The text messages the magazine claims I sent this guy are pathetic. ‘Why don’t you put in effort to try and make me your girlfriend doll?” I would never talk like that to a guy. They just threw in the word “doll” a few times and tried to make it sound like me. I talk like that to my girlfriends, not to my man. It makes me sick to my stomach that any one can call up a magazine, tell an entirely fake story, provide fake proof, and the magazine will go ahead and run it… just to sell copies!!!

In Touch contacted my publicist a couple of days ago letting us know they were working on this story and we told them that the story was false, that none of the “facts” they had were accurate and that if they published it I would blast them. They told me they were going to go ahead and publish it anyway, since it would create a lot of press for them. What a sad world we live in.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… don’t believe everything you read. The tabloids and weekly magazines will do ANYTHING to sell copies, and in this case they decided to run a false story, knowing they had absolutely no proof that it was real. It’s disgusting, and I will be taking legal action against In Touch magazine and Bret Lockett.

Kim and Kris have only been dating for like six months, what would you do if you were her fiance` Kris Humpries?


Kim Kardashian's Engaged!

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