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MTV's "Jersey Shore" Getting Brand New Cast?

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Sources connected with "Jersey Shore" say MTV will say goodbye for good to the current cast when they wrap Season 5.

Word is MTV wants a fresh cast of characters after they wrap Season 5 -- which begins shooting in New Jersey Monday.

MTV denies the changes and says,

"We love the present cast, and their summer adventures have just begun. We currently have no plans to recast the show."

Pauly D also gave his two cents,

"Yeah, MTV gave a statement and they said that that's not the case. They are not going to recast us. I don't think that they can recast us. Each one of us has our own personality, you can't replace us. They only have people trying to be like us!"

The fourth season of Jersey Shore, filmed in Italy, will premiere August 4 on MTV.

Would you want to see new faces on the "Jersey Shore"??

...don't worry the original Jersey Shore cast -- including The Situation, Snooki, JWOWW and Pauly D have already signed them to spinoffs, so you won't be missing them.


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