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Michael Jackson Murdered For His Music Publishing?!

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Today, June 25 2011, marks the two-year anniversary since the sudden death of Michael Jackson.

With each passing day, his sister LaToya is convinced the King of Pop was murdered by his personal physician in a conspiracy plot that even Michael had premonitions about.....

Latoya spills some of family secrets in her new memoir book, “Starting Over"....

“Dr. Murray was a fall guy, and I do know that this was a conspiracy and Michael told me repeatedly that he was going to be murdered,”
“They were going to kill him because of his publishing and he went into details about the people and things of that nature… I decided to let people know what really happened to him at the end of the book because that’s a part of my life as well.”

Latoya said someone, somewhere knows what really went down on that fateful day, June 25, 2009, and she’s hoping that they’ll soon come forward with the truth.

“The investigation with the way it’s going is focusing on Dr. Murray and I have tried to point and show them that we need to go in a direction and investigate further and deeper into other people,”
she continued.
“But they have no interest in doing that. I would like to see justice for all parties and all people that were involved in this murder.”


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