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Airport Security Checkpoints Of The Future? -- Less Groping, But Is It Less Privacy? (PHOTO)

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The TSA wants to upgrade you....but is it DOWN-grading our privacy?!

After all the touching and feeling that went down this past fall, international airlines have been hankering for a way to get back into passengers' good graces. This checkpoint, along with eye scanners and souped-up passports, are what the TSA is working towards.

What you're looking in the photo above is the security checkpoint concept unveiled in Singapore by the International Air Transport Association. They're hoping it will reduce unnecessary checks and, therefore, complaints and bad press. Passengers would be subject to a quick eye scan and review of the information carried on the chip in their passports, constituting a background check. After that, flyers would be ushered through one of three corridors based on security risk. While there, scanners will turn up any liquids or underwear bombs they might be carrying.

Our oh-so-beloved TSA has been working on developing a system that will be able to do about the same.

But will this be too invasive of our privacy? Are eye scanners better than people groping?

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