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Police Can Now Search Our Cell Phones Without A Warrant????

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Where did our privacy go?

According to reports, more states are beginning to favor the optionOF being able to search an arrestee’s cell phone...and what's even worse is they are favoring to do it WITHOUT a warrant!

There have been an increasing number of incidents to demonstrate the growing popularity of this policy. For instance, in California, it became legal in January for police to search an arrestee’s cell phone without a warrant; in Florida, an appellate court decision upheld warrantless cell phone searches, defining the phone as a kind of “container;” and in Georgia, there was an appellate court decision to uphold a warrantless search of a cell phone found in an arrestee’s car.

I know you saying to yourself, "What about my privacy?"

Well, Civil rights advocates are fighting back. Catherine Crump of the American Civil Liberties Union says,
“the police can ask you to unlock the phone—which many people will do—but they almost certainly cannot compel you to unlock your phone without the involvement of a judge.”

.....and what if you don't have a cell phone on you?

How do you feel about this?

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