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Joe Budden Beats Girl Friend To Miscarriage? Blames Chris Brown? (VIDEO)

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This story has been heating up all day. Rumor has it rapper Joe Budden beat the crap out his now ex-girl friend and model, Esther Baxter, so bad that she lost her baby. And how do we know this? SHE'S SPILLING THE BEANS!

Listen to Esther tell her story below:

What provoked Esther to tell her story was Joe Budden releasing a song saying he killed their unborn child, and revealing audio recordings of their argument....making their dispute public.

He also went around explaining his side of the story....

Now, if your asking yourself, how in the world did Chris Brown get in the mix of all of this?

Once the news got out that Esther spilled the beans...Joe Budden got on Twitter, receiving backlash from fans and non-fans alike and tweeted,

fuck this, i'm shopping 4 a bow tie as we speak.

Referring to when Chris Brown had to tell HIS side of the domestic attack with him and Rihanna and wore that bright baby blue bow-tie.

Breezy wasn't feeling that Budden brought him into his problems and responded,

So I'm guessing this person thinks he's mature by making references to me becuz of his mistakes! #pumppumppumpitup


Then a day later (May 10,2011)....

Joe Budden responded to Esther's claims saying,
Yeah, she did a whole Barbara Walter-ish interview. Dramatic full house, theme music in the background, and pictures. I’m sitting there like, really this is what we doing? We cuing the music and violins.

For the record, so that we’re totally clear, I never hit Esther. Never, never, never. No, I’ve never, EVER, EVER hit her. Like I said, that subject matter is very serious. It’s not anything to joke around about and I’ve never hit her. To be honest, you don’t do all the things she said I did and then come right back and f**k the same man.

After hearing both sides, how do you feel about the situation?


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