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Lil' Wayne & Chris Brown's New Wifey? (PHOTOS)

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There's a new chick on the block and Lil' Wayne is already claiming her as his "wifey!"

Skylar Diggins plays for Notre Dame’s women’s basketball team and she can dunk too! Not only that, she may have a badunka-dunk too because both Weezy and Breezy are on the prowl.

They can't stop talking about her and Wayne keeps referring to her as his "wifey"...

For example, when Notre Dame made it to the Final Four, Wayne tweeted,

“Good lukk to my wife Skylar Diggins and the Fighting Irish,”

and Skylar replied,
“Haha thanks Wayne! Mmmuah to my husband!”

Then Breezy came in for sloppy seconds. He said,
"Skylar Diggins … She’s a cutie @skydigg4 congrats beautiful."

"Awww thanks for the love Chris!"

Wayne has been talking about Skylar non-stop, that she's even on his mind during his tour too:

Miami was awesome!
And s/o to the Fighting Irish for playing their hearts out.
Way to go wifey!

Skylar and her team Notre Dame fought for the champion title against Texas A&M University tonight, unfortunately they didn't come home with the trophy. The score was 76-70 in the National Collegiate Athletic Association championship game.

So, what do ya think?

Is this love between Weezy, Breezy, and Sklyar "real love" or "sports love"?

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