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Jay-Z Says She's The New Kim Kardashian (PHOTOS)

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Watch out Bey....Jay-Z has his eyes set on a new chick and he's comparing her to Kim Kardashian!

Kerry Katona, an English Media Personality, has got a new fan and it's hip-hop megastar Jay-Z.

Beyonce Knowles' husband is said to be interested in working with the reality star.

'Jay-Z apparently thinks I'm a cool cat,'
says Kerry.

'He wants to turn me into the British version of Kim Kardashian. Well, he's definitely got taste and knows talent when he sees it!'

And Kerry, 30, is keen on teaming up with Jay-Z, 41, for a chart comeback.

'Would I like to collaborate with him?'
she says.

'Me and Jay-Z getting jiggy with it... I can but dream...

'I can see it now, me and him hanging out with his posse!'

....keep dreaming, Bey aint letting that pop off...didn't she listen to "Ring The Alarm?"

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