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Cat Fight! Amber Rose vs. Natalie Nunn "Tweet Of The Week"

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This week was the battle of the Rapper's girlfriends on twitter. Reality Star and ex-"girlfriend" of Wiz Khalifa, Natalie Nunn, and his NEW fiance` (and former girlfriend of Kanye West) Amber Rose went at it!

Listen to the "Tweet of the Week" as featured on Lady T's show below:

Amber Rose said,

Every1 is some1's Sloppy seconds if ur not a virgin & every woman is beautiful in their own way so stop being evil & compliment each other.
It started a full out Twitter War between Natalie and Amber, which ended up trending worldwide.

That was in response to Natalie tweeting about Amber Rose "trying to be" on Bad Girls Club, the show Natalie was on,

Hahaha this bitch is sooo wack... Wants my sloppy seconds and noow wants to show up to barbados when season 7 is there to arrange a cameo
Try me ill be on the next flight to barbados and show u who a bad girl is... U coat tail riding ass HOE

Hahahaha she really thought production and everyone wasn't gonna tell me she wanted to make a cameo on bgc hahah LOSER bitch
and continued to post out photos of her and Wiz Khalifa, throwing it in Amber's face.

Days later, Amber continued the fued.

Hahaha u talked all that s##t and ur not even coming to Barbados??? #CLOWN

And even though Natalie never mentioned her name, Amber couldn't hold it in any longer and addressed Natalie directly by tweeting her name,
Hey @missnatalienunn I'll pray for u girl u obviously have Psychological & Insecurity issues. U wanted some shine from my page u got it.

@Missnatalienunn Oh & I know where u live too I'll send u pretty roses from Wiz & I 2 let u know you'll be ok. Enjoy ur time in houston :-)

Natalie responded with,

Thanks for confirming ur a twitter stalker... And like I said ur two steps behind me keep up I was just there! Houstonnnnn
Of course u know where I live... U mans been over plenty of times!! U can come pick up he's stuff he left too

2 steps behind me... How do I taste ahhahah keep up

If your thinking...can't we just all get along? Natalie says,


This is not the first time these two have went at it,

Natalie Nunn GOES OFF On Ustream To Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose "You a paid hoe... be a paid hoe!"

Check out what Natalie said about Wiz Khalifa in her interview with Lady T and which rapper she might be dating now - click here!

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  1. Omg , Natalie need to stfu , she is way to much drama , you got your lil bit of shine from the BGC and you just thinking you the stuff , sit the hell down CLOWN ... AMBER ROSE is not tripping off you , you are a NON M`FN FACTOR IN HER LIFE BTCH , lol silly ass .. #teamAmberRose :)

  2. If you don't know Natalie Nunn, I suggest you do since this is her all day, each and everyday. Amber Rose, what can you tell me people know about her? WHat do YOU actually know about her? What was she doing before Kanye West? And how is AR not worried about NN when she replied directly to her? Amber Rose I have nothing against you, but I don't know shit about you except who you've been with. Real over Fake.


  3. rgardless team natalie all day i support her cause she strived to make sonething of herself instead of dancing on the pole. amber could have at least got the digree lol

  4. Wow... I would think if you had a degree you would of learned how to be classy you got a degree and your on bad girls club wow... !!! a degree don't make you a good, rich,smart,successful, classy ,pretty, it's just a piece of paper your degree don't teach you how to be a good girlfriend or wifey or lady like she's the one looking stupid what is the difference between a high paid actress having sex in movie scenes a stripper, a dumb a$$ braud on reality tv getting drunk acting out wearing provocative clothing nothingg to me...!

  5. can't stand Amber Rose she is boring and her sweetness is fake..yeah you have a boom body but it's all fake....ppl wanna call nat ugly bt shes 100 percent real......from head to toe...Amber ur ass is fake ur breast is fake even your nose is fake...cmon now ....go get a reality check..wiz gon leave u soon when he knows your only good for SEX, DRUGS AND MORE SEX HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  6. I love amber rose and wiz fuck nat nunn girl u look and sound stupid Amber Rose is beautiful and nat nunn is jealous of her