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50 Cent Reality Show On VH1?

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Really? ...Another T.V. show 50 Cent? Wasn't the last one bad enough?

Ok Ok, let's give him a chance here....

50 Cent has a new reality show on VH1 entitled the "Origins of Me." VH1 representatives say it will show a very different side of the best-selling rap artist.

Cameras will follow as 50 Cent finds new Curtis Jackson history. He will visit the places his family genealogy could be traced back to a few generations earlier. Visiting Edgefield County, South Carolina Fiddy will meet descendents of his family's slave owners and see where his family settled in the 1950s

Sounds pretty cool...

The 50 Cent "Origins of Me" TV special will air May 23 and 9 P.M. eastern time.

Enough for you to tune in?

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