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There Goes His Probation: What Is Chris Brown Smoking?

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Don't think Breezy is going to catch a break anytime soon. An X17 photographer snapped a picture of Chris Brown allegedly smoking "something" while he was behind the wheel of a car. Some are saying it looks like weed, but Chris' team says it's the same cigar as the one on his mixtape cover below.

"The picture shows Chris Brown holding a Davidoff mini natural pack mild cigarillo...The same cigar he held in the photo of his In My Zone mixtape CD cover."


You be the judge.

Photos are courtesy of X17.

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  1. Tiara Avant Aka TEamBrezzyAka TrezzySeptember 15, 2011 at 3:11 PM

    AW MR.BReezy SmokingWats WE will never know!!!!#TEamBReezy!!!!! :)