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Sheen's Corner: Charlie Takes His Show To U-Stream & Unveils "Winning" Tattoo! (VIDEO)

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Charlie Sheen debuted his new webcast, called Sheen's-Korner on Saturday night, and one of the highlights was that he showed off his new 'winning' tattoo.

Sheen announced the webcast on his Twitter earlier, and it attracted over 100,000 viewers.

The show was certainly what Sheen fans were expecting, although not many new and memorable quotes, as he basically read out some of what he considered his best quotes from interviews from the past week.

He also took a jab at his PR guy Stan Rosenfield who quit last week, and he plugged his webcast by saying that this could be back on a weekly, or perhaps even daily basis.

He also bashed Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nancy Grace, calling them people who want to "be [him]."

If you missed Sheen's Corner, knock yourself out....

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