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Ne-Yo Responds About Beyonce Diss

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When a comment from Ne-Yo hit the Internet in which the songwriter said that he wished he could have kept the Beyoncé hit "Irreplaceable" for himself, some took it as a diss to the star.

"One song that I gave away and didn't want to, but it's actually a good thing that I did, is Beyonce's 'Irreplaceable'. I honestly wrote that song for myself, but that song taught me a very interesting lesson: Many women don't think that differently. ... However, a man singing it comes across a little bit misogynistic, a little bit mean,"
said Ne-Yo.

When it was implied on Twitter that Ne-Yo was dissing Bey, Ne-Yo defended himself.
"Aiight my dude. Send me the link to where I said ANYTHING disrespectful about Beyonce, PLEASE! Dying to hear this. Just heard the audio where I supposedly dissed Beyonce. ARE Y'ALL SERIOUS!?! Did y'all even listen to what I said!?!"

Ne-Yo then continued to tweet his anger toward those who misunderstood what he said.
"I said I originally wrote the song for me. That's true, so OF COURSE I didn't want to give it away originally. IT WAS FOR ME. Once I realized how the song comes across if sung by a guy, that's when I decided to give it away. HOW IS THAT DISSING BEYONCE!?! She took the song and made it a smash, NOBODY can deny that ...

"You know what? At first I was apologetic about what the hacker said, now that I've heard the audio myself, not so much," he continued. "Y'all should listen a lil' harder before you start dissin' people. Makes you look real dumb. I'm tired of being nice to dumb people. ... Bottom line, Beyonce is my friend. To HELL with anybody that ain't SMART enough to understand what I truly meant."

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