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Gucci Mane Confirms New Joint Album With Waka Flocka Flame (VIDEO)

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Gucci's dropping his album, "The Return of Mr. Zone 6," next Tuesday March 22nd but the Atlanta rapper is already looking ahead to another spring release: a joint album with fellow Brick Squad MC Waka Flocka Flame called "The Ferrari Boys."

According to Gucci, "Ferrari" will showcase the two MCs equally and should release "in the next few months" on 1017 Brick Squad Records, with production by Drumma Boy, Schife, FATBOI and Shawty Redd featured on up to 20 tracks.

"This album is gonna be the hardest album of the year,"
Gucci says,

"The songs are so clever, the beats are so slammin', and the lyrics are just so aggressive. There's so much energy that we bring to the studio. Nobody's gonna be able to top this album that me and Waka are coming out with."

Gucci also says that recording "Mr. Zone 6" from December to February was a therapeutic process.

"The past few months are in this album,"
says Gucci,
"I work through my problems, I work through my pain. So when I was going through all the things I was going through, in the courts and all kinds of… I just stayed in the studio. It definitely helped me. The studio's where I go to just let everything out. I can go and just speak my feelings and what's on my mind at the time and just get it off my chest."

March 22nd "The Return of Mr. Zone 6" is being released officially.

He's also eying a fourth proper full-length album after releasing "The Ferrari Boys" with Waka Flocka Flame.

"I'm titling my new album 'The Ice Cream Man,' and it's dropping probably this fall,"
says the rapper.
"I've got a very busy year, I'm very excited too."

Watch his music video for "24 Hours" off the "The Return of M. Zone 6" album

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