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Charlie Sheen Fired From T.V. Show!

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We all knew this Charlie Sheen madness would end one day, don't know if it's over quite yet but Charlie has now been fired from his T.V. "Two & A Half Men."

Reports say Sheen was at the headquarters of Live Nation, the huge concert promoter, when the news came down he was fired from his show.

He later appeared on the building, waving the machete and saying, "free at last" in front a small but enthusiastic crowd.

Sheen is reportedly obsessed with his father's movie "Apocolypse Now," which features a scene with Martin Sheen killing Marlon Brando with a machete.

In the moments after Warner Brothers announced Sheen was fired for cause from "Men," both sides were threatening legal action and Sheen was up to his recent antics.

CBS and Warner Brothers officially fired Sheen from "Two And A Half Men," even if the show comes back from hiatus. on Monday afternoon.

In a brief statement, the network and Warners said,
"After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen's services on 'Two and a Half Men,' effective immediately."

Hmm..maybe it was the "troll" remark or all the other crazy names Charlie was calling his producers, ya think?

It's unknown if they will try to bring back the show without Sheen.

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