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New Photos Of Rihanna Beating Leak Out! Chris Brown Responds (PHOTOS)

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New leaked of Rihanna have been published, which appear to have been taken at a hospital back in 2009 ... following the brutal attack from now ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Jjust this week, a judge agreed to allow Brown to once again have contact with his ex-girlfriend.

Chris Brown responded to the leaked photos via Twitter,

“It’s ironic how ’somebody’ put this out right around my album time! Wow! I guess that’s supposed to be strategic chess move. Unbelievable. The Devil is always busy!! But when u have a destiny, nothing or no one can stop what God has planned!”

Chris’ PR people quickly put a muzzle on his Twitter rant because shortly afterwards, all the previous posts were removed and replaced by a more positive message, reading:

“The beauty is inside you!!! Don’t let em bring you down!!!!! Beautiful people!”

No comment from RiRi's camp so far.

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