Lil' Kim STILL Dissing Nicki Minaj. Drops "Black Friday" Music Video + Mixtape Dedicated To Nicki (VIDEO)

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Lil' Kim is STILL goin' at it! We have been dreading to put this up but here goes....

The drama between Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj continues. Really, it's just Lil' Kim at this point but now she has released her mixtape titled "Black Friday," which she claims she made 1 Million dollars already just off of PayPal. Some are saying this is in no way possible.

Going further, she just released a music video for the single, "Black Friday," watch it here...

The video is directed by Nicki Minaj's old friend Fendi, who used to do Nicki's back in the day videos on "The Come Up" DVD....

Lil' Kim is definitely trying to get under Nicki's skin here. Check out Kim's mixtape cover, massacring the barbie...

She is really eating off this Nicki thing isn't she?

Let's just get along ladies...this is getting way too corny and gimicky Kim.

WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE LIL' KIM, but not the Lil' Kim that disses Nicki Minaj all the time.

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