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CELEB TWEET OF THE WEEK: She's Feisty And Tweeting Away!

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Anyone can rant to celebs on Twitter, but when they write back is when it's gets interesting. This week's TWEET OF THE WEEK is a feisty one, but this girl is no stranger to going off on Twitter lately....................

You got it, RiRi is going at 'em! She recently lifted her restraining order on ex, boyfriend Chris Brown and some supporters of her are not happy. Check out her TWEET OF THE WEEK:

I would've sworn he beat YOUR a--, just by how upset u are! My fans don't care abt a restraining order and neither do I!

My bad! somehow I think u wanted to be on that leash in S&M! I got a feelin! Black blogs, white blogs,yall ALL turn me on! #iLikeItLikeIt

Listen to the Tweet below:

This tweet was a response to this:

I just unfollowed Rihanna. I don't follow fools. The true fans who supported Rihanna through those tough times after Chris Brown
beat her azz deserve better than this. @Rihanna: You and @chrisbrown deserve each other. The both of you can kiss this rich, intelligent,
black blogger's a--!

And Rihanna's tweets just keep on coming, follow her and you will see! @Rihanna

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  1. this happens almost everyday & uhh its really not that serious... mind ya business cause yall wasnt there man ppl slay me, i thought the world wanted peace & maturity man rihanna & chris brown are forever dope in my eyes but keep givin them fame........ lol more $$$$$$$$ for em !!!