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TWEET OF THE WEEK: Which Celeb Had The Best Tweet This Week?

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So many great celeb tweets but who stood out from the crowd this week? Between 50 Cent's tweets causing a frenzy saying he shut down World Star, and the rest of the world of Celebs tweeting their lives away, it seems that Ellen managed to shine above the rest with her silly B-Day tweet:

@TheEllenShow (Ellen DeGeneres):It's my birthday tomorrow! All I want for my birthday is world peace, and a lock of @JustinBieber 's hair.

And Justin Bieber's response is definitely our runner up!

@justinbieber : @TheEllenShow i think i can make that happen. i know people that know people that know people. those people also know people.

Listen to the TWEET OF THE WEEK live below:

Who do YOU think had the best tweet this week? Hit us up!

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