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Snooki & J Woww's New Reality Show .....Wait, It's Scripted?

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Reality Shows scripted? Say it aint so! lol ...Oh yea, we knew that already. Remember when we broke the story that VH1's "For The Love Of Ray-J" Reunion was scripted...

Mz Berry Says Ray J Reunion Was Scripted??

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Or the "Real Chance of Love" girls on VH1 were not really there for love:


Sunday, August 30, 2009

But now Snooki and JWoww set sail for their new show...and you guess it, it's scripted.

A few months back we got word that Snooks and JWoww's show may have gotten canceled. But allegedly TMZ got their hands on the script, and according to the docs, there's gonna be a whole lotta boozing and she-pimpin'. (Really? No way)

The storyline -- Snooks is finally moving out of her parents' house and into a place with Jwoww -- but, (surprise!!!) she's totally unprepared to deal with actual real-life problems.

For example ... the two have their sights set on a $1.5 million pad, but they don't know what a mortgage is ... or how to write a check ... and they keep getting distracted by the "hot" mortgage broker.

But conflict erupts -- so say the docs -- because during their cohabitation, Snooki ... gasp ... "made a mess of the bathroom and didn't change the toilet paper." She also "ate a ton of Jwoww's food" ... and anyone who's ever had a roommate knows that crap don't fly.

Oh the scandal!

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