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Nicki Minaj's 1st Interview In London: Asks Dj Why So Many Africans Are In London (VIDEO)

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Nicki Minaj was on her first trip to London and she sat down with quit a few djs for some interviews. This is one of her first, she tells us her next single is going to be "Fly" featuring Rihanna and more! (Check out Nicki & RiRi at the "Fly" video shoot.)

She says the video for "Fly" "should be out any day now" and during her trip to London if she see's the Queen
"[I would love to see her] I would pick her up and run away with her (Laughs)"

Nicki asks the dj at the end of the interview,

"There's a lot of African people that seem to be in London, how, why?"

He responds,

"I don't know we just jumped in a boat."

Wow, this really must be her first trip to the UK, watch below:


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