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Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj On NYE "Me and my girl Mary J. Blige about to eat these b*tches alive" (VIDEO + PICS)

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Ok so while Nicki Minaj was performing on B.E.T's 106 and Party, Carson Daily's NYE Special on ABC, and at Club Mansion in Miami... Lil Kim still managed to use Nicki during her own New Years performance. And the drama continues...

Lil’ Kim brought in the new year hosting a party in Pennsylvania, looking BEAUTIFUL if I may add. The Queen Bee performed a few tracks (including Black Friday) and at some point during the performance, she went in on Nicki Minaj & Keyshia Cole, claiming that in their new collabo together, the two tried to come for her and Mary J. Blige.

…I think this other b*tch got a song with Keyshia Cole, right? Coming at me and the mutha f-ckin’ other queen, Mary J. Blige. Me and my girl Mary J. Blige about to eat these b*tches alive where they won’t even f-cking exist no more and erase their f-cking social security number! We gon’ remind them who the f-ck we are! I’m not playing with this b*tch for 2011. I’m saying, we can rock together but b*tch you ain’t taking NOTHING from me!
I don't think people are taking anything away from Kim BUT Nicki said it best, "Bitch, if you ain't shittin', then get off the pot."

(Roman's Revenge)


Lil' Kim Tells Lady T Her Side Of The Nicki Minaj/ Cash Money Beef!

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