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Behind The Scenes: Birdman & Lil' Wayne "Fire Flame" Video

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According to sources, Weezy was in "good spirits" while on the set of his new video with Birdman for "Fire flame." Sources say he was joking about the sports cars used in the promo.

He said,
"It's amazing, can't believe n****as are using real cars and sh**, you know times have changed."

Watch the behind the scenes below:


Video director, Gil Green says,

"The addition to this song is, of course, Lil Wayne and the anticipation of his first video [since he got out of prison]."

"I haven't even spoken to him since he's been out. I look forward to seeing him and working with him again ... The song's called Fire Flame so you're in our fire room."

He added:
"Right now, it doesn't look like much but in a few seconds ... it's going to be incredible. It's going to get real hot in here."

DJ Khaled was also on set to show Weezy support, adding:
"Shout to Weezy, Birdman. I love this record because it's that hood sh**. Right now they have this whole Fire Flame scene going on that's so crazy. It's only right they're doing big things."

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