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Baby Dies While Mom Plays On Facebook In Other Room?????

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It is reported that a Colorado mom admitted to the police that her 13 months old son drowned and died in the bath tub while she was busy playing on Facebook, checking her friend's status updates and sharing videos with her friends.

Under questioning by police,

34-year-old Shannon Johnson admitted that she placed her 13 months old baby in the bath tub to bathe alone while she went to the living room to play World Café on Facebook.

According to the affidavit, when Johnson didn't hear any sound from the baby after 10 mins, she went to the bathroom only to find the baby slumped face down in the tub.

When the police reached Johnson's house, they found her Facebook logged in. In her clarification, she told police that she used to leave the baby in the bathtub unattended because he was "independent" and she didn't want him to be a "mama's boy."

Even Johnson's mother said that he had warned her daughter about leaving the baby unattended especially after he had a seizure a month before he died.

Johnson admits that it was "stupid" on her part to leave the baby alone. She faces up to 48 years in prison if convicted.

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